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Look At Me 2 Original and Daisy Moo 2 by Zalini

His technique involves creating fine 3D lines of paint, applied on a flat service using gravity to assist, which can be back breaking. The overall desire is to literally inject life into scribble art with his use of syringes to …

Old Skin The New Release By Mark Davies

Old Skin New Release Mark Davies
Brand new Mark Davies release of the much requested Silence Of The Lambs edition from the "Lost In Hollywood" collection. The "Old Skin" image has been repeatedly requested by collectors which Mark has now fulfilled. The Giclee print comes in a regular 45 Edition size and a deluxe 10 Edition size. Old Skin (Regular) Framed Size - 30" x 25" RRP - £275.00 https://www.mpgallery.co.uk/product/old-skin-mark-davies/ Old Skin (Deluxe) Framed Size - 47.5″ x 35″ RRP - £695.00 https://www.mpgallery.co.uk/product/old-skin-deluxe/ The Deluxe Prints are all hand embellished with fine micro-diamond dust in various colours making each print unique and that little more spectacular! Please contact us on 01206 560395 to reserve your piece

Beating Chest Original

Beating Chest Original Katy Jade Dobson
Katy is a UK based oil painter from Yorkshire. Growing up, she focused her skill towards delicate portraits and detailed sketches, pursuing this throughout her educated life at the University of Lincoln. Katy began painting in a number of mediums including acrylic, watercolours and mixed media, often attending art events and fairs with her work.