World of Love by Doug Hyde

World of Love by Doug Hyde

Step into the enchanting world of Doug Hyde’s limited edition masterpiece, spanning an impressive 41 x 32 inches framed. Crafted with delicate pastels, this artwork captures the essence of whimsy and warmth as two endearing figures stand triumphantly atop the world. Against a backdrop of a resplendent starry night sky, the profound message “Love makes the world go round” is inscribed, inviting viewers on a journey of love and connection.

With his heart warming artwork Doug Hyde has created a universal language of love that has resonated with and captivated collectors all over the world and, for more than 20 years, art lovers have been showing special someone’s that they mean the world to them with his work. So, whether you want to celebrate your one true love, family, friends, or even your beloved dog, tell them you love them with something special from this heartfelt new collection.

For the past 20 years, Doug Hyde’s work has been bringing joy and inspiration into the lives of art collectors, with its unique and uplifting style.

He has established a powerful name for himself as the creator of ‘the smile’, his distinctive trademark, and his unique pieces of art, including paintings, sculptures, and limited editions, are highly coveted by collectors.

Love Makes The World Go Round

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