Winter Tree Original by Kealey Farmer


Winter Tree Unique Original by Kealey Farmer

Original Wall Hanging Installation

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Original – Wall Sculpture

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20" x 19" – Small 34" x 33" – Large




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Winter Tree Original by Kealey Farmer

“I’ll paint the whole world silver and gold if I could” was the determined childhood promise that led to a lifetime love affair with art for Kealey Farmer.

In 2003, having finally decided now was the time to make good of that innocent vow at her grandmother’s house, the Derbyshire born and bred artist chose to step away from her successful project management career to commit to her true vocation and go professional. She was now a full-time artist.

This move has been proven to have been the right one as the Northants based mixed media artist is now known unequivocally as one of the most impressive, innovative and collectable contemporary British artists.

With over 25 years painting, drawing and personal study experience as a predominantly self-taught artist, Kealey’s versatility and authenticity are major contributors to her success. Having begun her career indulging in strong abstract pieces, dripping with colour and energy – her now signature move towards 3D elements began in 2006. The handmade elements that include glass, diamond dust, Swarovski crystals and finished by the artist herself in resin have become a much-loved fixture within her work.

Touching upon romance, love, relationships and family and possessing an ability to hand produce confident, absorbing, captivating artwork that is almost brash in its delectability; Kealey Farmer signed with Wishbone Publishing Ltd in 2016.

Continuing my love affair for trees, I decided to develop a new body of work in a slightly different way.  I had an idea of creating sculptures and following many hours working on various concepts, finally came up with the idea of ‘Original Artwork Instillations’.  These single trees hang individually against the wall with no frame or background.  Using laser cut precision on 18mm board they give a beautiful shadow when hanging, and without doubt provide a new and exciting dimension to my work.  When deciding on colour schemes and themes, of course it was obvious I needed to move forward with ‘4 Seasons’ following on from my previous sold out pieces, however, I also wanted to introduce some beautiful, muted tones. These soft and subtle works give a new fresh feel and are simple and elegant.  Each piece is original, hand painted and resined by myself.  Gorgeous little details include dragonflies, butterflies and of course my beloved Swarovski crystals!  Available in 2 different sizes, these will make a stunning addition to any art collection”. Kealey Farmer