To Boldy Go – Original by Mark Davies


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48" x 36"

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53" x 41"




To Boldy Go Original by Mark Davies

Entitled ‘To Boldly Go’ this is a cracking showcase of a Star Trek battle amongst the stars between the USS Enterprise and the Klingon Bird-of-Prey!

As like with my recent Star Wars piece (‘Battles  assed’) taking on this subject represented a big challenge to ensure that the end result was authentic and captured the imagination and appreciation of ‘Trekkies’ that are as hardcore as  they come!

Creating a scene set within space allows for so much potential to produce something with real drama and beauty, that embraces darkness and light where the purity of the stars and  galaxies are a complete contrast to the brutality of the gun fight that rages within. The hope is that those who truly love Star Trek will love this piece for the impact that it gives, the intensity of the  colour and detail and the composition of the two ships, there’s a lot to take in! I do always look to build another level into the image to give it more depth and meaning than just simply a cool piece of art.

What I have done with this one is to really enhance the level of damage caused to the Bird-of-Prey craft, where despite the fire and the flames it soldiers on, determined to keep fighting. Who will win out is up to you to decide but appearances can be deceiving, it is what lies within that can make the difference but like I said, that is up to you!