The Incredible Hulk #307 – Giclee on Paper Edition – 2013


The Incredible Hulk #307 – Giclee on Paper, Limited Edition of 295– 2013

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The Incredible Hulk #307 – Giclee on Paper Edition – 2013


A limited edition giclee on paper of 295 signed by Marvel Comics legend, Stan Lee entitled The Incredible Hulk #307

Cover artists: Mike Mignola and Steve Leialoha

May 1985


Stan Lee’s Marvel Revolution extended beyond the characters and storylines, to the way in which comic books engaged the audience and created a community between the readers and the creators.

Additionally, he pioneered and advocated the use of comic books to comment on social issues of the time; including bigotry, injustice and discrimination.

This got him into hot water with the rather conservative Comics Code Authority, but Stan wouldn’t yield. He continued to pursue what he believed in and what he knew his audience wanted, and as a result, the code changed.

There is a long-established heritage for contemporary sequential art which represents the struggles, triumphs, trials and wonder of the human condition. Whilst comic books take this to a level of fantasy, we can see in Stan Lee’s work the desire and motivation to ground these narratives in reality; enabling each and every one of us to relate to the messages conveyed.