Small Monet Water Lilies Vase


Small Monet Water Lilies Vase by John Beswick

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Small Monet Water Lilies Vase by John Beswick

A striking piece of art, this Vase will sit perfectly as a standalone item or as part of a group with other items from the collection

This work of art was one of Monet’s most famous works and an instantly recognisable piece of art history. The piece depicts his flower garden at his home in Giverny, a subject that was the focus of Monet painting during the last 30 years of his life.

18cm x 6cm

Established in 1894, John Beswick is the home of traditional collectable ceramic models and gifts for all ages. Producing a huge collection of lifelike figures including animals and beloved animated characters. Their gift range is carefully selected with many pieces taking inspiration from famous artworks around the globe. The Beswick range includes vases, mirrors, coasters, paperweights and more for a unique gift that sits perfectly alone or as part of a collection.

Beswick have joined with Parastone, a long established Dutch art company, to produce this range of quality ceramic vases. Originally part of the famous ‘Borzo’ art dealership founded in 1880, Parastone primarily specialised in restoring religious art but have moved forward as an independent company bringing a wealth of experience to produce a high quality ceramic on which these iconic works of art are placed.