Rumposilshkin – Original by Mark Davies


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Rumposilshkin Original by Mark Davies

‘RUMPOSILSHKIN’ – The follow up to my 2015 piece ‘Say My Name Bitch’ which unlocks and kicks open another door into this incredibly dark story originally told by the Brothers Grimm.

A little white lie – does white represent innocence here? Not in this case. What started off white quickly blackened from the fires that burned from treating those around her like her servants whilst she laid about dreaming of riches, completely blinkered to the carnage that she has created.

They say greed breeds monsters, god ain’t that the truth! She saw an opportunity to take advantage of someone who worked tirelessly for her and who continually covered up her lies while she took the credit for everything. Abused and tormented yet with an unwaivering industrious manner that risked snapping himself in two, determined to keep to his promise until that moment when the last straw was reached and then no more.

A broken man made to feel worthless, turns to drink, turns to chapter 2. Turn the corner, turn the page, it’s blank, pick up the pen, fill the book.

A life built on a lie, well things aren’t turning out like she’d hoped. Merely a tenant within a castle, a castle with foundations cast on sand. Karma is king of your fucking castle bitch! Make hay while the sun shines because your storm clouds are growing taller behind you and the flames that follow mask out the sun that you chase.

Time will tell if she gets to wear her crown but being a queen isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be – when the King gets bored, heads can roll! Just ask Anne Boleyn!