Reach For The Sky by Leigh Lambert


‘Reach For The Sky’ a Giclee Limited Edition run of 95 by Leigh Lambert

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Giclee on Paper

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31cm x 23cm

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66cm x 58cm


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Reach For The Sky by Leigh Lambert

Leigh was born and raised in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, where he resided for the first twenty years of his life. His family quickly noticed his artistic affinity as he started drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil, progressing through school and refining his technique, much to the praise of his teachers. Leigh describes himself as mostly self taught however, having persued no formal art qualifications or training.

After relocating to Warwickshire with his family in 1996, he began to draw inspiration from and a new found view on the surroundings of his upbringing. Lambert’s pieces have a strong sense of nostalgia, evoking fond memories of a youth that many can relate to.

Lambert is an accomplished artist across a range of media, most commonly working in oils on board. His use of colour is minimal, optimistically applying splashes only to the figures that play amidst the otherwise monochromatic landscapes, capturing the joy and vitality of youth.

Upon leaving school aged 18, Leigh was desperate to immerse himself in the world of art and paint for a living and found it hard to understand that he needed a proper job! When his mother Susan found a job for Leigh in a local factory, this only spurred him on further to pursue his dream of becoming a professional artist.

Whilst work in the factory took up his day, painting occupied his evenings and Leigh released a series of watercolour paintings based on street scenes of Warwick. It was this attention to detail you can see in the image below that became part of his now signature style.

Working from his garden studio, the artist has achieved great success in recent years. In 2014 he was shortlisted as Best Up and Coming Artist in the prestigious Fine Art Trade Guild Awards, and consequently his works are hugely sough-after. Limited editions often sell out within weeks, and waiting lists are in place for those hoping to acquire original paintings.