Queen of Pop – Golden Stamp Miniature by Sannib


Queen of Pop – Golden Stamp Miniature

Limited Edition of 45

Mixed Media

by Sannib

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Giclee Mixed Media

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16" x 16"


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Queen of Pop – Golden Stamp Miniature by Sannib

Sannib is a British contemporary artist of Syrian-Lebanese descent who is currently living in London. Sannib started painting at the age of 10 with no prior lesson nor technique. From 1997 to 1998, he took his first figurative and abstract painting lessons with Syrian painter Fared Jorgeuos.

Sannib participated in his first art exhibition in 1994 in Kuwait and later with the Syrian Artist Group Exhibition in Homs, Syria in 1998. From 2001 to 2002, Sannib lived in London, U.K. where he took additional painting lessons and improved his technique and style.

In 2006, he experimented with abstract themes and acrylic painting under the guidance of Mard Issa, a Norwegian classical painter and author who inspired him. Sannib’s work focus on abstract and contemporary themes.

Sannib has participated in many art exhibitions in different countries, including Kuwait, Syria and England.

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