Petrolheads – Original by Mark Davies


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48" x 36"

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53" x 41"




Petrolheads Original by Mark Davies

I DO LOVE MY CARS! This was a piece that I have wanted to do for years, it was all about timing and conceiving a scenario that could be the most engaging and ultimately successful, to create the ultimate movie car piece, no holds barred!

At the point of planning there were so many iconic vehicles that could have gone in with equal success, even with being selective. I wanted this piece to hit you right between the eyes, to stimulate your senses and therefore I had to find the balance between being a visual feast and being too cluttered where the impact was compromised. As with the majority of my work you don’t get to see the lead characters, it is the setting and the detail that tells the story and with this piece it opens up the question – who are driving these machines?

Could it be all of the movie characters have met up within the desert to watch a cracking car movie, hanging out around the fire, eating corn dogs, listening to Guns & Roses and a dirty V8? Or is it simply a group of enthusiasts doing just that? Over to you. There is so much to look at here, way too much to list! I continually kept challenging myself throughout this piece, how could I make things that were already cool, cooler, to change everything up a gear or two. For example, how do you make an already cracking sky pop even more? Add a bloody space shuttle launch that’s how! Is it possible to make the Delorean any cooler? Well I’ve added a Jackal stood arrogantly in front of it so possibly!

It is so easy to focus on the cars that are clearly on view, look closely though – seems someone has left the party early? Any ideas? There are a few egos out there that could quite easily blow a  gasket!

The end result is something quite special, even if I do say so myself yet there is so much more that can and will come from this, it’s just the first leg of the journey with ‘Petrolheads’…