Outasteam – Original by Mark Davies


Outasteam Original by Mark Davies

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48" x 36"

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53" x 41"





Outasteam Original by Mark Davies

my interpretation of the iconic Back To The Future 3 film set in 1885. In line with my first Back To The Future piece that was called ‘OUTATIME’ I have called this particular piece ‘OUTASTEAM’. My original plan was to show the locomotive pushing the Delorean down the tracks just before it reached 88mph and was sent back the future, however from watching the movie again it reminded me just how the narrative played on key details changing from what was originally set and therefore impacting on the future and ultimately who’s name was inscribed onto the tombstone. So my concept explores and expands on the fact that the locomotive fell short for a reason to be decided by the viewer and therefore the Delorean never made it back. The scene that you see shows the ‘OUTASTEAM’ train standing rusted with it’s tracks being covered by the shifting sands of time, a concept reinforced by the nesting bird of prey that has made the train it’s home. 


The scene itself features a desert plain within the Monument Valley – Utah where the timber structure of the Hill Valley Town Hall exists along with the unfinished railroad wooden bridge. By setting the time of day the way I have it not only creates a beautiful looking image but it mimics the colour ways of the movie branding – a detail that I played on within the original piece. There is so much detail and texture within this piece and so many objects from the original movie along with subtle random scrawled messages from characters out of view, it follows on nicely from the original piece from 2016. What I have done is to leave the big factors open to interpretation. Is the devil in the detail? What happened to Doc, Marty, Clara and Mad Dog?! Who’s name is on the tombstone? Is it blank for a reason or simply shown from the rear?! 


Are we in fact looking at the point of no return?