My Spirit Will Live On by Mark Davies


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Hand Embellished Giclee on Paper

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37" x 24"

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47" x 35"




(Pirates Of The Caribbean) My Spirit Will Live On by Mark Davies

This is my interpretation of The Pirates Of The Caribbean – The Curse Of The Black Pearl entitled ‘My Spirit Will Live On’. My intention has always been to follow up on the 2016 Goonies piece ‘Hey You Guuuys’ and to create something that complements and contrasts, to showcase the enchantment of the pirate ship but in a different way.

The narrative surrounding the Black Pearl is fascinating, being burned and send to the sea bed before being resurrected and setting sail. The curse that surrounds the Pirates who turn to skeletons in the moonlight is another factor that I wanted to explore.

The aim was to create a scene that was blissfully still and tranquil yet showing a much darker side to it through the canons firing and the detail within the foreground. It is a case of creating a truly open-ended piece because of details included and things happening out of shot that will hopefully fuel the imagination of the viewer as to what has happened to Captain Jack Sparrow. Has he met his fate?

The skeletal hand that rises out of the water towards the necklace has his jewelled ring, a simple case of taking treasure or much worse, could Jack have turned? One of Jack’s iconic quotes is ‘My Spirit Will Live On’ and I feel that it is perfect for this piece, as well as it visibly being a cool Pirate scene there is a deeper side for consideration – his silhouette forms part of the cliff looking out towards the ship and the sea, the spirit remains…