Message of Love Original by Emma Grzonkowski


Message of Love

Original on Box Canvas

By Emma Grzonkowski

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Original Oil on Canvas

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39" x 39"


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Message of Love Original by Emma Grzonkowski

“The desire to create my own vision was sparked, and if I was struggling with something, I would frequently ask my dad to draw it for me. I would watch him intently and after pinning the drawing up on my bedroom wall I would copy it again and again until I got it right.

However the first masterpiece I ever created was on the backseat of his brand new car, a beautiful drawing of a flower in bright blue biro the need to create was just that strong.”

A figurative artist who draws on long periods of introspection, Emma Grzonkowski presents an intricate visualization of human emotion.

Emma Grzonkowski was brought up in a beautiful part of Cheshire where she spent hours endlessly lost in her own playful imagination, drawing and painting from ‘as young as she can remember being able to hold a pencil ’ Emma states.

It was clear to Emma’s mother and father that she had a natural talent for art and it was something which was part of her ‘being’ and this need for her to create was always within her.

They encouraged her to harness this love for art and her father, in particular, played a pivotal role, being creative himself encouraging Emma to thrive with her noticeably creative talents.

This time at college was pivotal for Emma for a few reasons. Her teacher Andy Marshall was an excellent teacher and from his teachings, she learnt the fundamental rules to construct a painting. She was taught various techniques which allowed her to grow as a young artist with knowledge from studying the Great Masters of art such as Francis Bacon and Rembrandt among others. Throughout this time she also fell head over heels in love which led her to experience a few years in absolute bliss.

Once finishing College, with an A* in Art she went on to study Fine Art and Graphic Design at The University of Chester. Through the first year of university, Emma felt quite uneasy being left to her own devices since she had such intensive tuition throughout College. Within the second year at university disaster struck when tragically she lost her boyfriend in a car accident. In absolute devastation, Emma turned to the only thing she felt would help to take away the pain, which was painting. She found her self putting all of her emotions into her artwork as a form of release and she would spend endless hours in the studio pouring her soul onto the canvas. From this terrible tragedy, she had now found her expressive style which she still uses today. She started to use herself within her work, painting self-portraits, which were often very raw and dark and which ran in parallel to her emotions. Determined to finish her degree and to make her late boyfriend proud, Emma ploughed on and created a body of work which was uniquely soulful and authentic. It was at this time that she decided that she wanted to be a professional artist, which was the defining moment of things to follow.