Memories Vinyl LP by Mark Davies


Memories Vinyl LP

A Limited Edition of 20 + 5 AP’s

by Mark Davies

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Vinyl LP Edition

Edition Size

20 + 5 AP's

Image Size

15" x 22"

Framed Size

28" x 21"

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Memories Vinyl LP by Mark Davies

Not wanting to toot my trumpet, I would say that I have a crackingly (is that even a word) diverse taste in music, from the hauntingly beautiful Ólafur Arnalds through to the ballistic chaos of Slipknot. However, it didn’t start that well looking back at my earlier choices! I’m man enough to admit that my first vinyl single was Andy Stewart’s ‘Donald Where’s Your Troosers’. Please tell me I’m not alone on this one! I’ve just put it on now and I genuinely have no idea what I was thinking, it’s woeful! How do I follow that up? Ok, so my first vinyl LP album that I bought? ‘Soul Provider’ by Michael ‘the hair’ Bolton. I was a shy little beast back then. I must have had Georgia on my mind from those smoky school discos! Donald has had his pants pulled down but the soulful, sepia toned crooner is staying on, after all, how am I supposed to live without you?!

I have really gone for it of late, conceiving and delivering innovative and engaging new formats to showcase my work that transforms the artwork and nostalgia that radiates from it. ‘Retrospective 4’ sees the release of my playing card edition which looks superb, but I had to ensure that the collection retained the WOW factor, so that’s what I’ve done!

My ‘Retrospective’ body of work is all about looking back to look forward, pausing to rewind and play, as a break from a life set to fast forward. It has always been striving to inject those details and references that create so much happiness from that point where you remember a moment or detail that was so special but was pushed right to the far corner of your memory bank. It’s always been about memories; the best will always remain and burn brightest.

So, combining all of what I’ve just waffled on about, I am so bloody excited to unveil my debut into the music industry, well sort of! My debut album is out now, available on both cassette and vinyl LP, albeit in art form only for both legal and your sanity, mainly legal though! Taking inspiration from the music compilation albums that were a firm favourite at Christmas time, both from Santa and a ‘go to’ choice at vol-au-vent fuelled family gatherings, ‘Retrospective 4’ sees the launch of the first instalment of ‘WOW That’s What I F*cking Call Memories!’ Clever eh! You see what I did there? There is so much potential here and the end results for both the canvases and the editions are so authentic, fun and engaging, they need to be seen to be truly enjoyed!

The vinyl LP format just works brilliantly, I’m buzzing for it and it’s potential. This is how I saw my much earlier ‘Remastered’ collection being done, so having the freedom and ability to go full on with the production side of things has taken this format to a level that is so authentic and nostalgic. My artwork has been professionally printed by a specialist within the music industry and is beautifully presented, float mounted against a heavily painted backboard. It’s unique, very different and protected so you can’t scratch it! I hope you love this, the attention to detail will leave your head spinning!