Making the Break by Ed Rust


Making the Break by Ed Rust a Limited Edition of 195 Bronze Sculpture

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Bronze Sculpture

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10" x 18"


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Making the Break by Ed Rust

Ed Rust is a Yorkshire-based British sculptor who constructs spindle-like bronzes which give a whimsical slant to sporting and other outdoor pursuits. Ed’s primary concern is to represent animated rather than static figures, and he achieves this by exploring the ideas of proportion, stretching and manipulating parts of the sculpture into extreme positions until they seem to be mid movement. Despite their exaggerated lines and humorous attitudes, these quirky figures touch people by tapping into the shared experience of sprinting down the wing or being pulled almost off your feet by an overenthusiastic dog. Studied art at Batley Art College where he discovered new ideas and was influenced by some great artists.

Ed began his sculpture career working with odd bits of galvanised wire he had lying around, bending and shaping the wire into small figures, probably no more than 12 inches high. I loved the movement I could get into the pieces.

The big surprise to me was that they proved popular with friends who saw them randomly scattered around the house. I was amazed, I’d made them just for a bit of fun, to entertain myself, and here were friends saying I should sell them in galleries. To be honest, the first half a dozen sculptures I made I gave away for free. It sounds crazy now, but I was happy to let them go to a good home. And that’s how it all started.

A huge admirer of 20th century sculptor Barbara Hepworth, her modernist works have greatly influenced Ed’s style. His dynamic sculpture has been likened to the distinctive elongated figures of another great artists of the 20th century Alberto Giacometti.

Cast from Bronze, Ed’s detailed work would make for a great single piece or as a part of a larger collection