Kick Its Ass! by Mark Davies


Kick Its Ass!  (Standard)

A Limited Edition of 45 + 5 AP’s

by Mark Davies

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Hand Embellished Giclee on Paper

Edition Size

45 + 5 AP's

Image Size

25" x 18.5"

Framed Size

33.50" x 27"

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Kick Its Ass! by Mark Davies

Past pieces such as ‘Who You Gonna Call Now?’, ‘Saving The Day’ and ‘Bustin’ Ghosts’ have each become progressively more lairy and chaotic and I love how much you enjoy my Ghostbusters pieces! ‘Kick Its Ass!’ goes even further, a feast for the senses and an image that hits you right in-between the eyes like a face full of ectoplasm!

Everyone remembers the ballroom scene and the utter chaos that the guys caused as they wrestled Slimer, the wine glugging blob! So, for me, it was either recreating the ballroom moment or inside the library. To be fair, you can do so many more, Dana’s apartment, the rooftop battle etc. I know how my collectors love it when I create a highly detailed room scene, be it ‘Lost in Hollywood’ or ‘Storyteller’ so I have duly obliged! Just look at this piece!

I keep pushing to keep challenging myself technically, introducing small details that are so difficult to achieve and ones that you may not spot initially but it just adds to the overriding sense of pride, that squeeze in your back cheeks and push out your titties type of pride! Whilst creating what you now see I was completely immersed in the nostalgia from the movies, the soundtrack blaring out and as ever, the courier will always walk in on the most obscure part of it, bollocks to it!

I never set out with a definitive list of details to include, that is too restrictive as I find that the more consumed, I become in a piece, the more memories that flood back, whilst your true randomness of thinking shines through, that’s what makes you different from other artists. There is a ridiculous amount to spot, the impact of Slimer and the intensity of the proton streams and the backdrop are enough to bite your head off (man!) but I have really gone for it with this, I genuinely didn’t want this piece to finish. Til’ the next one!

The intensity of the GB Fans is unrivalled I feel, I really hope you all love this as much as I have loved creating it, feel free to reach out with any questions on what some of the objects mean, especially the sloth, if you get that then you are unrivalled! Welcome inside the ballroom and my mind! I’m not sure what is more chaotic! Take your time to feast on this piece although may I kindly ask to refrain from druuling! Oh, and don’t worry about Mrs Van Hoffman, she’s an impatient bitch!