I Want My Life To Be Art – Box Canvas


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Hand Embellished Giclee On Box Canvas

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52" x 40"

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I Want My Life To Be Art – Box Canvas by Paul Oz

Paul is based in Cheltenham where he works as a full time artist.  Having previously been working in software brand development, Paul dedicated his free time to developing his natural skill and unique style for which he is known today.

Paul paints portraits, among other subjects, but not as we know it. He piles on the paint to create rich, deep texture and huge visual impact. He aims to create a sense of explosive energy, movement, expression and 3D effect: Big, bold, powerful paintings that stop you in your tracks.

Paul loves the challenge of painting, especially tricky commissions when he’s asked to paint an image perhaps that he maybe wouldn’t have chosen himself. Paul is naturally competitive, due to his background in sport – and for sure a big part of the enjoyment for him is constantly having to re-think, battling to bring a piece alive. Paul loves the PR and networking side of things just as much – and why to date, he manages that side of things himself.

As for style of painting, thats been kind of a natural progression too. Paul never read a text book, no formal lessons since 16 when he was told to aim for engineering instead as “no one ever makes any money from art”. Paul’s ‘first piece back’ aged 29 was a simple abstract…. but still has splats and thick texture. From there it’s been continual development, mostly just by practice, learning from trial and error. Paul rarely looks at other artists work… He’d rather not be swayed by what others are doing. But he’ll always be thinking, experimenting different ways to do things from a structural and material perspective… let alone being allowed to play (sculpt…) with actual raced F1 components now too… how on earth is that ‘work’!?