Attack on Echo Base (Star Wars) Original by Mark Davies


Attack on Echo Base (Star Wars)


by Mark Davies

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Original Mixed Media

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Attack on Echo Base (Star Wars) Original by Mark Davies

When ‘Lost in Hollywood’ originally launched back in 2016, there was a piece entitled ‘Teach You I Will’ that was a striking depiction of Yoda, created in my signature silhouetted smoke style. I still remember the nerves that I had when taking on the monstrous entity that is ‘Star Wars’. I wanted to create something unique whilst being totally respectful of how adored the films and characters are. Over the past releases of my movie pieces, I have produced a select number of artworks that have been so well received. I would hope that it was largely down to being authentic to the narrative whilst offering something a little different.

‘Battled Passed’ was very subtle, even to the point where you could miss the key component that was camouflaged in the ferns. ‘Shifting Sands’ was again subtle but authentic, whilst starting to bring key details into view. My 2021 piece ‘Join Me’ was a big change, with the introduction, and dominance of lead characters. I am aware that some will always prefer the much less obvious interpretations and I completely get that, it’s great to mix things up though!

So, ‘Attack on Echo Base’ is well, I guess, a total attack on your memories, in a good way, I hope! My portfolio is crammed full of intense landscape driven pieces that showcase contrast in that moment in time. What you see is a baron, frozen landscape on planet ‘Hoth’ that is now bursting with action as good fights evil in a seemingly impossible battle to defend themselves and their base. The scene is dominated by the awesome AT-AT’s that are cutting through the battlefield, I absolutely loved these as a kid, great memories! I don’t think I ever had one as a toy, I had the Falcon!

My hopes for this image was to amplify everything, albeit with authenticity. Just look at how much is going on on land and in the sky above, carnage! It’s portraying a moment in time that I love, where a character can storm into view just for that moment before tearing off again. I’m sure I am not the only one to have been terrified of the Wampa! He definitely had to make an appearance, as did the brilliant Tauntauns that carry Luke and Han, although the latter appears twice, eh?! I will leave you to seek him out. Whilst I may have deviated from the original script, it has been for good reason, I just wanted to get so much in the scene, some blatant, others beautifully subtle.

I have such fond memories of watching ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ as a kid, what a movie! Before I take on a movie piece, I always watch the film and make notes. To sit there and watch this in High Definition was really something. I love seeing the reaction from my collectors to my movie inspired works, they certainly appear to pull on the heart strings and bring those memories flooding back. The whole experience of working on ‘Attack on Echo Base’ has been magnificent and I really hope you are blown away by the end results! I feel the force is strong in this one!