Assoiffée D’Amour by Emma Grzonkowski


Assoiffée D’Amour Emma Grzonkowski – Giclee On Boxed Canvas

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Giclee On Box Canvas

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Assoiffée D’Amour – Emma Grzonkowski

It has always been my dream to become an artist, drawing has always fascinated me and as a child I loved nothing more than to be in my own idealistic world, sitting for hours on end, trying to encapsulate my playful imagination and put all my sketches down on paper.

The desire to create my own vision was sparked, and if I was struggling with something, I would frequently ask my dad to draw it for me. I would watch him intently and after pinning the drawing up on my bedroom wall I would copy it again and again until I got it right.

However the first masterpiece I ever created was on the backseat of his brand new car, a beautiful drawing of a flower in bright blue biro the need to create was just that strong.

Art continued to be my main focus, at home, throughout school, and then on to sixth form college, at Sir John Deanes College here I was encouraged to push my technical ability, with reference to the study of the great Masters.

I went on to study fine art and graphic design, at Chester University. It was here that I was given free reign to truly experiment, we were given no boundaries and I had to find my own style, which was brilliant. It was during the second year of my degree that disaster struck; a special person was taken away from me in a sudden and fatal car accident.

My whole world was torn apart and I was completely lost and in searching for reasons answers and solace, I turned to the only thing which I felt could not be taken way from me, my painting.

The inspiration and desire to paint from the soul evolved. I found myself painting endlessly, as a release in an ever expressive and often frantic manner, every painting reflecting my quest to find inner peace. I was determined to do the very best that I could in honour of my soul mates memory and to make him proud, I battled through my degree, and finished with a body of artwork which was truly soulful. It was at this point that I realised that I needed to pursue my dream.

My inspirations are drawn from the reflection of self experience and emotive senses. My work is an evolving journey with each painting representing feelings and states of being. I use myself as the physical subject, which feels natural to me due to the introspective nature, emphasising the emotion with the surrounding background. I am interested by the juxtaposition of the literal figurative content against abstract expressive forms, which provoke two different states of mind.

The physicality of painting interests me, and I love to paint energetically, painting most of the background with my hand. In terms of artists I am influenced by Bacon, Freud, and John Piper, and recently comic artist David Mack who creates beautiful characters through the bleeding of water saturated colours and which inspired the fluidity of my work.