Chris has developed a deep respect and affection for nature from his upbringing in the Oxfordshire countryside, bringing this with him while attining a degree in Derkshire College of Art and going on to work as an Art Director in London for over a decade.

Christ has relocated to Surrey in recent years to reconnect with his love of nature and resumed work as a full time artist. He now spends much of his time rambling amongst the hills, always accompanied by his sketchbook. Criss- crossing the local footpaths and strolling through the fields, the artist uses his expeditions to record light and colour, his studies forming the bones of his intricate paintings.

His images are executed with many layers of colour, his pointillist dotwork reminiscent of the Impressionists use of paint. His dream- like paintings have been praised by many for their exceptional ability to capture a timeless innocence, conveying the peace and tranquility of the English countryside.

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