The Alchemy Collection by Katy Jade Dobson

The Alchemy Collection by Katy Jade Dobson

This collection came together like streams towards an estuary, in a meeting of multiple timelines. From my classic animal portraiture with a display of prismatic colours, to bold backdrops and abstract subjects with dreamy scenes led by reaching tree branches and flittering birds, this collection taps into a decade history of some of my favourite works. A love for animals, botanics and the natural world, built upon with glittering gold and silver leaf. Rich, luxurious textures alongside palette of beautiful jewel oil pigments go hand in hand to create my signature ethereal style.

A subtle alchemy of different worlds, woven together to create a shimmering body of work.

Golden Glow” & “Silver Glow” are unique and stand out inclusions in the new collection, with their bold and striking metallic compositions. The contrast between the reflective foils & Katy’s recognisable composition style and colour palette create an ultra modern aesthetic that showcases the artist’s pliable techniques.

Katy focused her skill towards delicate portraits and detailed sketches, pursuing this throughout her educated life at the University of Lincoln. Katy began painting in a number of mediums including acrylic, watercolours and mixed media, often attending art events and fairs with her work.

Inspired by the ethereal qualities of Odilon Redon and further by his use of vivid colour, Katy descended into opulent oil paintings of wildlife scenes and subjects of nature and animals, depicting intricate detailing with spontaneous and kinetic overtones

The positive reaction to Katy’s wildlife work led to a large shift towards oil paints. Discovering the rich tones and infinite textural possibilities meant oils soon became her medium of choice and a huge part of Katy’s development as an artist. Moving to portraiture, Katy worked on a series of iconic women, all eclectic in their abstract colour qualities, heavily embellished and adorned with tactile brush strokes. Katy’s admiration for elegance and richness of palette brought her to create original oil paintings with a plethora of colour, and a blend of drama and harmony.