Blossoming Romance collection by Kimberley Harris

New Studio Editions by Kimberley Harris

Blossoming Romance collection is the new release by popular landscape artist Kimberley Harris

Step into a world of natural wonder and artistic mastery with the latest collection by the incredible Kimberley Harris, titled Blossoming Romance. This collection is a testament to Kimberley’s extraordinary talent and her ability to capture the timeless beauty of wild floral meadows throughout the ever-changing seasons.

One of Kimberley’s earliest memories was her father, a great lover of impressionist art, taking her to a JMW Turner exhibition at the Tate Gallery. That was it – she was going to paint like this genius one day and ten years later in 2005, she gained a Diploma in Art and Design.

She re-ignited her passion for painting in 2014 after meeting a renowned artist who introduced her to oils and the palette knife.








Tranquility – £995.00

Framed Size – 70cm x 80cm

You And Me Together by Kimberley Harris








You and Me Together – £995.00

Framed Size – 70cm x 80cm

Love Lifts Us Up by Kimberley Harris






You and Me Together – £1,195.00

Framed Size – 60cm x 120cm