New Limited Editions by Matt Herring

Matt Herring’s sensual female portraiture explores the relationship between the human form and the natural world in a breath-taking blend of antiquity and modernity. Focusing on the inherent beauty of the feminine he ornaments his portraiture with contemporary elements such as tattoos, alongside Victorian botanical and naturalist illustrations and found objects from the natural world. By creating this juxtaposition between past and present and employing avant-garde technique with vintage materials, Matt creates something which is slightly surreal and stylistically unique.

This meeting of ancient and modern is rather beautifully reflected by Matt’s choice of studio. While he uses cutting edge equipment and art materials, he works in an old Victorian warehouse space which was one of the world’s first photo labs – to us a piece of history, but in its day the height of technological advancement. This is where Matt creates his stunning portraits using collage with mixed media including spray paint and gold leaf, and infusing his work with what he describes as ‘a pinch of pop art’.

Heavenly Desire – £795

Heavenly Desire by Matt Herring – M P Gallery – Free UK Delivery

Fallen Angel – £795

Fallen Angel by Matt Herring – M P Gallery – Free UK Delivery