Mansell and Jim Clark by Paul Oz

We all look forward to this weekend’s exciting British Formula 1 GP – at the revered Silverstone racetrack, we are incredibly happy to officially present this afternoon, a stunning, new pair of Paul Oz F1 portraits, celebrating two of the most iconic British F1 drivers of all time ! Both come as welcomed additions to the artist’s ever popular & coveted F1 Motorsport series.These new Nigel Mansell & Jim Clark portraits are being publicly unveiled by the artist this weekend along with the BRDC representatives at Silverstone – and we have the distinct pleasure of releasing their embellished canvas and fine art print editions, respectively – through our network of affiliates and partner galleries.  Although the new original paintings of both titles are private commissions for the F1 Organisers and the BRDC, similar commissions would and can of course be considered upon application.

Mansell Canvas Edition  


Mansell Paper Edition
£395.00 – £445.00


Jim Clark Paper Edition 

£395.00 – £445.00