New Collection – ‘DNA’ By Dan Pearce

New Collection - 'DNA' By Dan Pearce

New Collection – ‘DNA’ By Dan Pearce

In this new collection titled DNA we see Dan explore his own cultural identity.

The graffiti, hip-hop, retro, street styles which have had a lifelong impact on his art are hardwired into his DNA.

Six ingenious limited editions include lenticular, mirrors, neon lights, 3D printing, textured resins… each and every one of them is truly spectacular.

The innovative mixed media portraits of Dan Pearce blend modern day street art with the influences of Warhol and Lichtenstein in a unique controlled explosion of energy, colour and texture. Bringing together such disparate styles and materials as graffiti, traditional painting, collage and textured resin, as well as incorporating smashed glass and other unexpected objects, he creates high-octane pieces that turn heads from a distance, then take on a whole new meaning when seen up close.

Scent From Above 3D Mixed Media: Limited Edition of 195 RRP: £1,395.00

The beauty of Marilyn Monroe, the class of Chanel, and the style of the street come together in this stunning hand embellished mixed media artwork from contemporary artist Dan Pearce. Shades of fuchsia, hot pink and yellow dominate the image and spill over the frame, while black and white is used to make the graffiti stand out in sharp contrast. The iconic perfume bottle, slightly raised from the surface for a 3d effect, frames the famous face of ‘Marilyn, Belle Femme’, and the reference to New York complements the urban glamour of this vibrant piece.

A Class Apart 3D Mixed Media: Limited Edition of 195 RRP: £1,495.00

‘A Class Apart’ is a new hand-embellished mixed media limited edition from graffiti-inspired Pop artist Dan Pearce. Part of his DNA collection, this collectable, contemporary artwork features the late Queen Elizabeth II (wearing a queen of hearts earring) in profile against a graffiti-strewn Union flag background of red, white and blue with accents of bright pink, green and orange. Playful yet thought-provoking, the portrait offers us an affectionate interpretation of the world’s most iconic profile, inviting us to reassess an image we see every day.

Reflections on Love 3D Mixed Media: Limited Edition of 195 RRP: £1,250.00

This dazzling hand-embellished image on mirrored glass is inspired by the classic Madness song ‘It Must be Love’. Part of ‘DNA’, the new collection from innovative British artist Dan Pearce, it invites us to reflect on the biggest subject of them all and to take a look at ourselves in the process. The famous lyric is depicted in a bold, graphic font shaded with a swirling array of pinks and blues, and includes three pink hearts to reinforce Dan’s positive message.

Aim For Love Lenticular: Limited Edition of 195 RRP: £1,495.00

‘Aim for Love’, part of his DNA collection, is a spectacular new lenticular limited edition from British contemporary artist Dan Pearce. The main image features a hand holding a gun with a heart-shaped barrel, against a Pop art inspired background adorned with famous faces, including master of Surrealism Salvador Dali, Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth II, Albert Einstein and sixties supermodel Twiggy. As the viewer moves around the picture the background changes to one featuring a collage of bold and vibrant pattern in a bright array of colour. This dynamic statement piece, measuring 22 x 28” and released as part of an edition of 195, would make a bold and beautiful addition to any fine art collection.

Wings of Love 3D Mixed Media: Limited Edition of 195 RRP: £1,595.00

Part of British contemporary artist Dan Peace’s DNA collection, ‘Wings of Love’ is a hand-embellished mixed media limited edition measuring 39 x 29” and released in an edition size of 195. The delicate black silhouette of a butterfly is raised from the surface of this stunning piece, spreading its wings against a multicolour Pop art style background. The image features high end brand logos juxtaposed with graffiti tags and drips that bring it back to the street that inspires so much of Pearce’s work. This bold, three- dimensional artwork will provide a high-impact focal point in any interior setting.

Another Dimension Lenticular: Limited Edition of 195 RRP: £1,295.00

A skull in aviator sunglasses reflecting two stunning and contrasting scenes is the star of this dramatic new artwork from progressive artist Dan Pearce. Using cutting edge lenticular technology, Dan has created an image which gives the illusion of depth by changing as it is viewed from different angles, and whisks us from a beautiful beach on which surfers are running through the waves to the surface of the moon where an astronaut walks by the light of the earth. As the scenes change so do the colours, shifting from sunset hues to the blues and blacks of space. The butterflies in the background which symbolise new life add an touch of elegance to this compelling contemporary take on transformation and renewal.