Which One Is Ringing by Mark Curryer

Which One Is Ringing by Mark Curryer – Original

Mark Curryer is an artist that has returned to the art world after an period of absence. Mark was a popular amateur artist but since he has picked up his paintbrush again his work is more in demand than ever. This latest original is synonomous with London and its’ famous red telephone boxes.

Mark Curryer’s use of acrylics has led to a distinctively bold style. Inspired by architecture and moody cityscapes, Mark is fascinated by rainy nights and the way that light plays in reflections. His work is created with little or no use of brushes but instead a multitude of items including rollers and scrapers to achieve the textures and effects in his work that has achieved notable accolade.

Although at first glance his paintings may appear impressionistic, on closer inspection the evidence of Mark’s enjoyment including small areas of detail can be seen, which unanimously link the eye to the setting of the paintings.