New Kealey Farmer Release

New Kealey Farmer Release

Now in the gallery are two new stunning pieces by the talented Kealey Farmer. Memories of a Brit Kid and Magic Gateway.

We’re excited to introduce to you, two brand new Kealey Farmer exclusive releases, timed perfectly for Christmas. Both artworks are progressive extensions of the production techniques that the award winning Kealey Farmer has been honing over the past 12 months. The limited edition’s are first deckled and floated before being hand embellished on the paper with glitter and light reflective inks. The works are then framed and glazed before heading back to her studio and undergoing the labour intensive glass embellishments, made up of elements that have been hand painted and resined before being individually attached. Each and every edition is totally unique in this respect and the time dedicated to such a process is testament to both the artists integrity and is why Kealey Farmer was awarded the title of Best Selling Published Artists of the year by the Fine Art Trade Guild.

Kealey Farmer says about the new pieces – “Designed to re-ignite childhood memories and put a smile on peoples faces, The Best of British is always such a pleasure to work on (albeit incredibly testing!) 

Memories of a Brit Kid sees the return of the beloved Bagpuss with a few new friends in it’s most popular format.  The Flumps and Ermintrude also make an appearance along with a silhouette of the iconic George Michael in Faith. Overall, a picture that makes a great talking point and chance to reminisce.”

“I’m so excited to be releasing The Magic Gateway! Re-visiting my vibrant colour palette of the past, the use of bright pinks and purples results in a captivating and striking image giving it a soft, dreamlike appeal that is almost enchanting and magical.  The small details running throughout and the use of different elements allows it to capture the forever changing light and take your mind to faraway places.”