Wize Gize by Paul James


Wize Gize by Paul James, giclee on paper limited edition of 95

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Giclee on Paper

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53cm x 74cm




Wize Gize by Paul James

Is the writing on the wall? Maybe, maybe not, as this rather grand goose the magnificent ‘Monty’ oversees his realm.

A leading contemporary animal and landscape realist painter renowned for the skill and craftsmanship with which he depicts the fine detail and realism of the many textures portrayed within his imagery. He is an exceptionally gifted and unique animal and landscape artist. Essentially self-taught, Paul began painting professionally in 1986 and it was the haunting beauty of Charnwood forest that greatly influenced his early atmospheric landscape, together with his animal portraiture for which he has perfected a style of his own. Paul has become well known in recent years for his combination of wildlife within urban settings which was inspired by his observation of ducks walking along towpaths while he lived on a canalboat. He is also an accomplished performing musician and composer.

Cows, gorillas, ducks and polar bears tend to be spotted at a distance in fields, rainforests, ponds and Antarctica in the main, yet in celebrated contemporary animal artist, Paul James’s compositional world, the aforementioned natural habitats have given way to a motorway underpass here in Blighty. You read right, bovines, the king of the jungle, a quack team of aquanauts and the Grizzly bear’s wintering cousin have been propped up against a highly graffiti’d subway wall and illustrated to within an inch of their graphic normality. But then, that’s what James does and does so very well. Removing the unwitting volunteers and placing them well and truly out of their comfort zone as it were; where of course said animals discover themselves in visually compromising positions.

This is indeed the compositional actions of a man possessing a number of creative gifts, who, once familiarised with something, goes on to excel at it and subsequently carve out a reputation as he puts it in practice. Take for example James the acknowledged composer and pianist as well as James the critically acclaimed wildlife, animal and landscape artist.