‘Why So Serious?’ VHS Edition By Mark Davies


‘Why So Serious?’ VHS Edition

Limited Edition of 20 + 5 AP’s

by Mark Davies

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3D Mixed Media

Edition Size

20 + 5 AP's

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11" x 8"

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Why So Serious? VHS Edition By Mark Davies

This piece was created to initially work in Mark’s brilliant VHS format but soon evolved to be adapted as a stunning lenticular edition as well as a cracking MDV canvas that is crammed full of texture and detail. Heath Ledger appears as the Joker through a dramatic blackened mirror with one eye fixed right on you as he holds up a playing card. His battles with Batman are represented by the iconic bat icon burning as lava before the fires burn and the glass shatters as he shows his hand. His card changes to show a bloodied Batman as he hurls a number of other cards right at you. If you have played your cards right and secured a VHS edition, the glazing cracks and melts from the force of pure hatred whilst the insanely powerful lenticular piece plays this scene out right in front of you as you move closer. One thing is for sure, a hypnotising stare and a thin grin on a man driven by hate and consumed by fear – there will be blood.