True Blue by Mark Davies


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Giclee on Paper

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45 + 5 AP's

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30" x 30"

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33" x 33"




True Blue by Mark Davies

This is my interpretation of the incredibly popular stories that make up The Lord Of The Rings entitled ‘Gandalf’s Brought F*cking Cake!’

My intention with this piece was to not simply create a stunning and vast landscape but to have some real fun with it and embrace the quirkiness of the Hobbits especially. When you are piecing together imagery that involves unifying a large number of individual objects a key challenge is to get the scale right or risk confusing or killing a piece.

What was appealing here was that contrast between the norm and the world of the Hobbits, the fact that really detailed environments happened to be so much smaller and you would only know that this was the case when a character such as Gandalf came into shot.

My favourite character is Bilbo Baggins, I love the contrast between author and burglar! So, I have focused in on his world, his house and in this case, his 111th birthday, true to say he’s getting on a bit now, he may even be shrinking but it’s ok because Gandalf’s just turned up and he’s brought f*cking cake!’ This sets the tone for the piece, just good fun in a whimsical setting that embraces colour and light and has wonderful magical details that interact and hide amongst the scene.

I wanted to bring some normality into the surrealness of the narrative and characters, and the birthday cake does just that, maybe it is the message on the cake or the fact that it is of Bilbo’s favourite icons – Dobby (deliberate not a blooper on my part!) that brings everything back down to earth. It’s a feel-good piece that you can immerse yourself within and decide yourself what is happening through the open door. Happy birthday Bilbo, you beautiful bloody blaggard!