The Place to Be by Phillip Bissell


The Place to Be by Phillip Bissell, limited edition of 195 Boxed Canvas

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Boxed Canvas

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30" x 42"

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38" x 50"


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The Place to Be by Phillip Bissell

Phillip’s powerfully expressive images radiate with life and vitality and are beginning to make a real impact on the UK’s cityscape market.  He is intrigued and fascinated by the dynamic intensity of lines and forms to be found in cities and the way a mass of rooftops, windows and juxtaposed buildings seem to vibrate against one another in exciting and unusual ways. All of which can be seen in Philip’s beautiful rendition of New York, Paris and London. The addition of mostly flat and uncomplicated skies adds contrast and complements the whole. Splashes of colour in the frequently used signature London Red Bus help make Phillip’s more recent works instantly recognisable.

Born and brought up the West Midlands, Phillip always loved classical music and films, and it was through cinema that he began to consider the idea of composition; the positioning of elements and the use of colour have come directly from watching how directors have composed their shots and set scenes

Phillip favours acrylics for their quick-drying properties. He has always tried to convey the excitement he feels when engaged on a piece of creative work, which takes advantage of the medium.