The Inquisitors Robert Oxley

The Inquisitors


The Inquisitors by Robert Oxley – Hand Embellished Giclee on Canvas

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Robert Oxley


Hand Embellished Giclee On Box Canvas

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43″ x 36″


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The Inquisitors Robert Oxley

As a little boy, Robert dreamed of becoming a zoo keeper. Today, the lions, tigers and elephants that roamed his imagination are given new life in his dazzling paintings.

He has returned for 2017 with Instinct: a collection inspired by his love of music and animals.

“When I created this body of work I wanted to take natural history painting in a new direction, I had been committed to natural history painting for 20 years and needed to find my own voice in a genre which is all technique and little imagination. My work is in part about my history in wildlife art and then deconstructing it – washing it away to reveal another way of conveying wildlife for myself.”  “My work appears loose and free but is in fact complex, which is what nature is all about.”

For him the meal entailed the chase, with all the joy that hunts embrace. The slow approach toward the beast, the hunger pangs, the need to feast. A smell of prey, you freeze and wait, you pause for it to hesitate. And then the kill, a swift demise, the fading of the light from eyes…

…that now replaced with glass reside, within a skull stripped of its hide. Presented on a plaque of wood, it represented nothing good. A sad reflection of our race, but here symbolic of the chase.

The Chase A poem by Alistair Muir