Summer Nights by Paul Corfield
Summer Nights by Paul Corfield

Summer Nights by Paul Corfield


Paul Corfield’s “Summer Nights”, from a limited edition size of 150. This piece is Canvas on board.

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Paul Corfield


Canvas on Board

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14.25″ x 20″

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20.25″ x 26″

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Summer Nights by Paul Corfield

Paul Corfield tends to either have sketching days or painting days which he rarely mixes, preferring to focus his creative energy. When sketching, Paul puts his headphones on and fills his head with his favourite music which enables his ideas to flow. When stuck, Paul changes the style of music depending on the style he is trying to achieve. Sketching days can vary from focusing on one drawing all day or scribbling one after the other. Once Paul is happy and perfected his composition, he will then project his sketch onto the canvas in order to copy accurately the lines and shapes which he originally has in the sketch. This a technique inspired from his early style of photorealism.

Once onto the canvas made of smooth french linen, Paul adds a red/brown wash in order to get rid of all the white and to give a base before painting over. He then proceeds to scrub painting onto the canvas using a limited amount of colour palette which he builds in layers and blends using a cloth. This technique can go on for 4 to 5 layers until Paul is confident that his painting is complete. If so, he then signs it and will not go back to rework it.