Romeo & Juliet by Kerry Darlington


‘Romeo & Juliet’ Unique Edition Print with mixed media 3D elements & resin.

With a limited edition run of 150 by Kerry Darlington


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Unique Edition Print with mixed media 3D elements & resin

Edition Size


Image Size

28" x 41"

Framed Size

35" x 48"




Romeo & Juliet by Kerry Darlington

In the 400th anniversary of his death, inspired by Shakespeare’s enduring story Romeo and Juliet, Darlington’s version of this infamous tale offers a version not about tragedy but about love. Taking a concept founded in the famous poem by Yeats, Cloths of Heaven in which the writer is musing if he were wealthier what he would give to his lover.  The galaxies in the painting are the embroidered clothes of heaven enveloping the star crossed lovers.

Kerry Darlington is one of the most sought after and influential artists at work in the UK and a major figure on the international art scene. Her boundless creative gift, technical brilliance, mastery of colour and above all, her infinite imagination, have taken her far beyond the everyday and turned her into a fine art sensation.

The haunting beauty of Kerry’s work grows from a unique combination of pattern, nature, energy and nostalgia. Her stunning three dimensional mixed media pieces are unmistakable in style and completely individual, revolving around the theme of myths and legends, poetry and stories. She creates her spellbinding narrative images with a range of materials including resin and metallics. She achieves a unique, translucent texture through the accumulation of layers which adds both depth and light.

Her published works are described as ‘unique editions’ as they combine a printed element with original art. Kerry creates small 3D additions which are hand-worked individually and adhered to the print. The background is also hand embellished, and all the work has resin hand-applied. Therefore although they are in essence a limited edition print, every piece has the appearance of a unique original painting.

Kerry describes her inspiration as “Thanks to my Mother, stories were part of my life long before I was able to pick up a pencil. The magic of words held in stories of myth and legend lies deep within the ancient, unchangeable part of me. Once I began to draw, stories and paintings were always intertwined, inseparable. I have always been a dreamer and not very good with words, so Art is my way of translating the cosmic knowledge that is bound to my imagination. Ideas often come to me whilst I listen to a story, or a poem, or music. Or silence within a meditation. I learn from my paintings. As I paint them, they teach me.”