Parisian Metropolis
PKE Parisian Metropolis

Parisian Metropolis by Paul Kenton


Parisian Metropolis – This piece is Giclee on Gold Foil by Paul Kenton

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Paul Kenton

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Giclee on Gold Foil

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60″ x 30″

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68″ x 38″


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Parisian Metropolis by Paul Kenton

In an exciting first, this limited edition artwork is printed on gold foil. The vastness of Paris is emphasised by a high horizon and strong directional marks, which lead the eye towards the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

“The feeling I get when exploring cities on foot is unlike any other. Shadows move fast and light sources appear and disappear in seconds, giving me moments to record what I see.” – Paul Kenton

Like the Impressionist painters before him, Paul tries to evoke moods and emotions with his colour, free shapes and dripped lines.

Citing Monet’s early works amongst his greatest influences, he goes to great lengths to accurately capture light in his work. Often he will paint similar scenes at different times of the day, from an early dawn across the Thames to a balmy Parisian dusk.

Paul’s technique is free and unplanned; he chooses to forego sketching and planning in favour of delving into the heart of the painting to relive his feelings and memories of the cityscape within.

In a mode akin to the mercurial properties of molten metal, the latest collection by acclaimed contemporary artist Paul Kenton, Metallique, demonstrates a shift in both his style and medium of choice. Favouring the traditional support of canvas in his career to date, these latest pieces, painted onto sheet of metal, are on exciting tangent to his already impressive portfolio.

Using sheet aluminium and other metals as his base allows Kenton to illuminate his work as never before, to wield the ambient light in such a way that it becomes intrinsic to the finished piece, By allowing the metal to show through the layers of paint, the overall composition takes on a new dimension and gives a greater sense of depth and life within the scene.

The Key to Kenton’s ongoing prominence within the UK art scene is his inexhaustible desire to elevate his output through continued experimentation. As such, Metallique represents the latest epoch in Kenton’s evolution.