Marilyn Boxed Set of 3 by Simon Claridge


A striking set of three silkscreen prints with diamond dust by Simon Claridge, Limited Edition of 195.

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Silkscreen on Paper with Diamond Dust

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24" x 24"

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34" x 34"

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Marilyn Boxed Set of 3 Simon Claridge

A striking set of three silkscreen prints with diamond dust by contemporary artist Simon Claridge.

Following the sell-out success of Fox Presents The Films of Marilyn: The Diamond Dust Collection, Simon has returned for 2018 with three stunning new pieces. Inspired by the timeless glamour of film star Marilyn Monroe, each artwork has a different story to tell.

Simon says: “I wanted to get close and explore the beautiful features of Marilyn’s timeless look, and the expressiveness of her face. All three images are taken from the film How to Marry a Millionaire.

Upon graduating with a degree in fine art in 2002, I ended up working at and eventually managing an art gallery in Windsor. Whilst working in the gallery every day to pay the bills I painted feverishly every night; all the while harbouring the dream of one day having my work hung on the walls. I was having some small success with my work in local galleries and at the affordable art fair in London. However I was frustrated that things were not happening fast enough, so without the owners consent I took matters into my own hands and one weekend filled the windows of the gallery with my own canvases. By lunchtime of the first day we had sold everything. That was the last weekend I worked in the gallery!

In his latest collection of limited edition diamond dust silkscreen prints, Simon Claridge has taken iconic images from the hallowed archives of legendary English photographer Terry O’Neill.

“She said to me, “I’m going to get crucified for wearing that bikini in One Million Years BC” so I went to 20th Century Fox, and I said “If you can build me a crucifix, I got this idea for a picture.“… I’ve no doubt some people will still object to it but its not meant to be sacrilegious, just to sum up someone’s attitude.” – Terry O’Neill

Claridge’s silkscreen renderings with diamond dust have been executed thoughtfully, to retain the essence of the original exposures and showcase the style of both artists. Simon has applied diamond dust to give this work an incredible glitter effect, building layer upon layer of colour and shade. Due to the delicacy of this artwork, we recommend collection from your local gallery.