I’d Give My Last Meatball (Lady And The Tramp) Standard by Mark Davies


I’d Give My Last Meatball (Lady And The Tramp) Standard

Giclee On Paper

Edition of 25

by Mark Davies

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Giclee on Paper

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Image Size

31" x 23"

Framed Size

33.5" x 25.5"


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I’d Give My Last Meatball (Lady And The Tramp) Standard by Mark Davies

My interpretation of the beautiful Lady & The Tramp! This piece has been designed to be completely open-ended, to allow you to inject your own narrative into the scene, to formulate your own back story and to decide if they are able to go on and live the dogs life together. Are we looking at a very different ending to the meal that we saw taking place or is this an attempt to try and recreate their happy place? What I have done is create a look for both dogs through their eyes and posture that will stimulate this whilst placing detail around them that will hopefully make you think a little deeper, a little darker maybe, could the devil literally be in the detail here? On first look you see a really adorable and cute image but with light must come dark so A disheveled Tramp looks toward his Lady with an offer of a rose, is the fact that it is withering a symbol of their relationship or simple an adorable link to his life on the streets? Has Tramp done something to break Lady’s heart, is he begging for forgiveness? Is this a case of one part of messing up or are they both as much to blame? Look to the wall and what has been written but attempted to be removed, who’s written that? A slanging match born from frustration or is that wall a canvas for others to air their views? The broken wine bottle is a key part without doubt, has this caused what we are seeing, and if so who succumbs to the devil drink? Is that the factor in their troubles, is that the reason that two people that whole-heartedly love each other are in the situation that you see because of how one or both change when they’ve reached the end of another bottle? Yet regardless of what you choose to believe is happening here there is one thing that is unquestionable and that is despite everything Tramp would give his last meatball to…

Mark Davies is a mixed media and digital artist from Cambridgeshire in the East of England.

Always striving to create art with meaning and genuine substance, Mark’s work reflects his thoughts and emotions, those influenced by life experience and those that form his character.

For his art, there is no brief, there are no restrictions or brand guidelines, it is an opportunity to truly express himself and to stay true. Originally educated in fine art, his career has since evolved into the digital world, mastering the use of colour, light and texture in his work. Mark Davies is the co-founder of a successful graphic design agency where his creativity is channelled to being best suited for business or product. Mark’s studio is within a converted brick barn in the Cambridgeshire countryside.