Harambe by Robert Oxley
new Gorilla-1, 03/08/2017, 12:49, 16C, 3134x6074 (2450+2172), 100%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/15 s, R42.7, G16.6, B28.5

Harambe by Robert Oxley


Harambe Robert Oxley – Hand Embellished Giclee on Canvas

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Robert Oxley


Hand Embellished Giclee On Box Canvas

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30″ x 40″



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Harambe by Robert Oxley

As a little boy, Robert dreamed of becoming a zoo keeper. Today, the lions, tigers and elephants that roamed his imagination are given new life in his dazzling paintings.

He has returned with a collection inspired by his love of music and animals. A touching portrait of a powerful and intelligent animal, Robert Oxley’s portrayal of the gorilla Harambe reminds us of our shared ancestry – just look into those compassionate brown eyes! This majestic animal would look fabulous as the focal point of your living room – a real conversation piece.

“When I created this body of work I wanted to take natural history painting in a new direction, I had been committed to natural history painting for 20 years and needed to find my own voice in a genre which is all technique and little imagination. My work is in part about my history in wildlife art and then deconstructing it – washing it away to reveal another way of conveying wildlife for myself.”  “My work appears loose and free but is in fact complex, which is what nature is all about.”

there was a big gorilla a silver back was he he lived in the jungle in amongst the trees he was a gentle giant and his nature was so mild though he was so big he was just a child he would roam around beating on chest to let the others know that he was the best when his day his over he makes a little bed then falls fast asleep to rest his weary head.

For Harambe by Daniel Steven Moskowitz