Eden Robert Oxley



Eden by Robert Oxley – Hand Embellished Giclee on Canvas

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Robert Oxley


Hand Embellished Giclee On Box Canvas

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48″ x 29″


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Eden Robert Oxley

“When I created this body of work I wanted to take natural history painting in a new direction, I had been committed to natural history painting for 20 years and needed to find my own voice in a genre which is all technique and little imagination. My work is in part about my history in wildlife art and then deconstructing it – washing it away to reveal another way of conveying wildlife for myself.”  “My work appears loose and free but is in fact complex, which is what nature is all about.”

One of my favorite animals is a giraffe. They’re so awkward and lanky, yet despite their strange appearance there is a a grace in there gallivant; there is a beauty to their mien.

They don’t flaunt their attributes or covet the patterns of their wildlife peers because they have been graced with the privilege to indulge in the secrets whispered by the leaves amongst the tree tops.

Giraffes are underrated By Unknown Artist