Doug Hyde Big Smile, Big Love Vase


Doug Hyde Big Smile, Big Love Vase by John Beswick

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Ceramic Vase

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23.5cm x 27cm


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Doug Hyde Big Smile, Big Love Vase by John Beswick

One of the keys to Doug’s enduring success is that his appeal reaches such a wide audience. From culture loving aesthetes who spend their holidays browsing round the Louvre or the Uffizi to those who find the very thought of entering a gallery intimidating, his work crosses the whole spectrum and transcends cultural boundaries.

This rare quality of universality is perhaps due to the fact that Doug’s compositions communicate with us so directly, referring to the human experience as a whole in a way that we can all recognise. Take “Monday, Wednesday, Friday” for instance. Who hasn’t felt a little down in the mouth when the alarm goes off on a Monday morning, and who doesn’t feel their heart lighten as Friday draws to a close? Doug’s enchanting triptych brings the week to life for us in a way that everyone can relate to. Whether we are being presented with ideas about love, laughter, friendship, adventure or generosity, Doug’s work always finds a way to reach out and touch us personally.

“It was never my intention to sell my work. My artwork is produced simply for my own enjoyment, and provides a good vehicle to help me express myself and open up. Over a period of two years my artwork transformed my house and the large, bold and colourful art hanging on every wall created a very contemporary interior. I was a contented artist fulfilling briefs from all sorts of clients nine to five, but most evenings and weekends I enjoyed spending time on what I would describe as my private work.

It all started when I reluctantly let one of my friends have one of my artworks following months of persuasion. He assured me that he loved it and could feel the same passion as I did. Weeks later friends of his visited, saw the artwork, fell in love with it and again wanted one. The snowball started to roll, and with each artwork sold, friends or family of the buyer would be the next person to call. Within a couple of years I had work all over the country and was being advised very enthusiastically to consider publishing”