Couples by Nigel Mason

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Nigel Mason’s “Couples”, from a limited edition size of 195. This piece is Giclee on Paper.


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Nigel Mason


Giclee on Paper

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8″ x 8″

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21″ x 22″

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Couples by Nigel Mason

Nigel has created a collection of nostalgic, evocative paintings inspired by his childhood growing up in 1950s Yorkshire, capturing observations of life from the mundane to the profound. Nigel about his new collection: ” This series of four editions could be seen as an exploration of relationships at seminal moments of life – childhood, youth, adulthood and maturity”

“This painting explores the purest happiness of childhood. We have all had the dream of being in a sweet shop and having the pick of anything we want. There are no parents involved – we have complete autonomy, we seem only to exist in a world of children. This dream is the expression of the ultimate sensual pleasure available to us at this stage in our lives -along with the love we bear for our special friend.”

From the age of 13, Nigel taught himself to paint by studying the Old Masters and drawing what was around him. At the age of 20, he hitch-hiked from Leeds to Paris to see a Picasso exhibition at the Louvre. With no money, he lived on milk and oranges and slept rough at nights, but he says it was all worth it!

The painter – who attained a fine art degree in his 50s – depicts a variety of nostalgic tableaus, beach scenes and figurative works. His influences include Walter Sickert, Édouard Vuillard and James Whistler, with Nigel considering his work a form of social realism.

Nigel says: “I’d describe it as small narrative vignettes – or painting versions of film stills – which capture intimate moments in time and observations of life, from the mundane to the profound.”