Big Ben Strikes Original By Keith McBride


Big Ben Strikes


By Keith McBride

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Big Ben Strikes Original By Keith McBride

Keith McBride has achieved an international reputation for his amusing and quirkily iconic images of the capital, it’s people, architecture & environs, superbly capturing the vibrancy of the UK capital.

Keith enjoys working with acrylic on canvas, also making original ink drawing, cartoon style art, silkscreen printing and most recently focusing on collage art which is for the most part inspired by the streets of London.

Keith’s paintings make a great focal point for any room and will be a great addition to your art collection. Keith starts his process with ink drawings in a loose style, and these are then worked on and adapted via silk screen processes, collage, and acrylic over painting – all inspired by the busy bustling streets of London.

My aim is to create fun, contemporary collages which I hope you will enjoy. Mostly inspired by the people that I see while sitting waiting for the train in London, the rest are best described as weirdness

Keith McBride has developed a following for his off-the-wall Collages & take on London life, from how people dress, their mannerism and how they travel around this great city. The great national obsession that is fashion labels and branding, appears throughout his Debut collection of limited editions and originals.

This London based artist is comfortable creating art in a number of mediums and over the years has expressed his talent though: ink drawings, silkscreen printing, cartoon caricatures, and of course with his new series you can see he is gaining pleasure from collage work – he does see himself very much as an ‘Ink’ & collage artist.

Keith’s current collage work appears to be the perfect blend of Urban Art, Pop Art with a touch of surrealism and seems to focus on the relevant trends of today’s artwork: money, power, violence, gender roles & empowerment and fashion.