Afred the Great – Paper by Paul James


Afred the Great – Paper by Paul James, limited edition of 95 Giclee on Canvas


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Giclee on Paper

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61cm x 76cm

Framed Size

72cm x 87cm



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Framed, Mounted


Afred the Great – Paper by Paul James

A prominent contemporary animal and landscape realist painter, Paul James is known for the skill and precision in which he depicts fine detail and realism of the multitudes of materials and textures within his images. Paul is also an accomplished and skilled performing musician and composer.

As with many ‘creative’ types, James didn’t take well to structure and regimental instruction, which of course was always going to be a problem in an educational environment. A self-confessed reluctant pupil, James freely admits that he felt different to his school peers and objected to the formality of it all. So it is no great shock to learn that this character trait followed him through to a higher educational institution where adhering to establishment ways was even more advisable. To cut a long story short – and after winning a place onto a graphic design course at Art College – James grew tired with the rigid and what he perceived to be, disciplinarian approach and prematurely terminated the course. This wasn’t written in the stars though, as despite long since giving up on the idea of being a concert pianist (and thereafter, rock star), James did harbour dreams of being an artist.

Essentially self taught, Paul began painting professionally in 1986 and is heavily inluenced by Charnwood forest that affected his earlier landscape works. His perfected animal portraiture style combined in an urban setting has led him to become widely known, stemming from his observations of ducks walking along towpaths when he lived on a canalboat. “Kred Gordon” is a perfect example of this signature style, with a characterful and detailed animal on an urban graffiti backdrop that has become synonymous with Paul.