A-Division – Original by Mark Davies


A-Division Original by Mark Davies

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48" x 36"

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53" x 41"





A-Division Original by Mark Davies

They came, they fought, they f*cked it up! The million dollar question I guess is who really is guilty for a crime they DID commit?

Most people only really know Vietnam through war movies that glorify the US involvement, oh and fans of Top Gear got to see the beauty of the country but otherwise not really much. This piece casts light onto the negative impact the US army had on Vietnam, regardless of intentions by showing rusting and wrecked military vehicles and aircraft that have smashed through ancient temples and buildings within the beautiful jungle fauna. The fact you see the Hollywood iconic vehicles from the A-Team franchise not just helps to place the image and make it cool as hell but is a nod towards the glorifying of the US involvement in the conflict.

 The more you look for the devil within the detail in this piece you will see how the US impact literally swarms all over the scene. Further playing on the Hollywood influence there are 2 tiny details that actually represent the classic Robin Williams film ‘Good Morning Vietnam’, a choice influenced by my recent ‘I Wish To Be Free’ piece that focused on the late actor. So this particular scene sets as much up as it leaves itself open to interpretation, true to my love of steering the viewer to decide at what point in time they are looking at and what has happened and why. There is so much detail within the piece that has a mix of quirky and fun objects that embrace the franchise sitting alongside the cold harsh realities of war.