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  • Float Like A Butterfly by Monica Vincent


    Float Like A Butterfly by Monica Vincent
    Monica is a self-taught 3D and digital artist. Constantly inspired by her hometown, and the UK’s Southern art capital, Brighton. A mother of two young girls, Monica uses whatever free time she can …

  • Legend Deluxe by Zee


    Legend Deluxe by Zee

    Described as a mixed media / digital artist – “ZEE” –  was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1979. As an artist, Zee has the distinct advantage of being completely self-taught, which has developed into a healthy …

  • King of the Ring – Ali by Zinsky


    King of the Ring – Ali by Zinsky
    Zinsky’s remarkable portraits capture the essence of his subject in a way that sets his work apart from that of his contemporaries. In a world where the art of the icon is

  • Muhammad Ali – The Greatest by Simon Claridge


    Muhammad Ali The Greatest Simon Claridge
    Upon graduating with a degree in fine art in 2002, I ended up working at and eventually managing an art gallery in Windsor. Whilst working in the gallery every day to pay the bills