Born in Cheshire in 1968, from the earliest age Rob had always painted and drawn to the point of obsession, never giving up or stopping until he felt happy with what he had created. This work ethic continued to grow and grow throughout his school years, then afterwards at art school and in fact continues to this day.

After art school, Rob pursued a career in advertising from 1991 – 2003 to derive a steady income whilst he developed his artwork technique and aesthetic. Whilst in advertising, he worked on many major campaigns for both national and international brands such as the BBC, The National Lottery, BMW, Volkswagen and other major blue chip companies, whilst devoting his evenings and weekends to his art. By 2003, Rob felt ready to share the gift that he had so carefully developed, and his debut show sold out in only two hours. Since that moment of validation and success, his work has continued to advance and grow with numerous collectors across the world.

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