As a former Miss France, Pascale is no stranger to the world of fashion. Unabashedly emotional, she challenges gender stereotypes by using clothes as a symbol of strength and sexuality.

Her provocative oil paintings created a buzz at our Summer Exhibition in 2017, where she appeared as an IN:SIGHT finalist. Through her figurative artworks, she explores the complexities of life as a 21st century woman. Fusing themes of feminism with razor-sharp observation, Pascale’s hyperrealistic pieces present clothing as a multi-layered symbol that can reveal much about us.

Painting on canvas with extra-fine oil, she blocks in her sketch before allowing the piece to choose its own direction. Her studio walls are adorned with drawings, photographs and images from magazines, which she uses for inspiration.

Pascale says: “Fashion is one of the most important means of communication. We are no longer confined by an ideal standard of femininity or beauty but can instead celebrate our true selves through what we wear.”

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