Bill Bate Strength and Beauty of The body Artist – M P Gallery

I have always had a passion for painting; I went straight from Quarry Bank Secondary School to study an Art Foundation Course at Liverpool Polytechnic, before successfully applying to study a Fine Arts Degree at Central School of Art and Design in London, graduating in 1984. Central was a great education as it introduced me to more abstract ideas as well as developing figurative skills. Though a difficult process at times, they encouraged experimentation and an expansion of my horizons. The tutors were well established artists who had a wealth of knowledge, skills and opinion. After completing my Degree I continued to work and develop my style as an artist, exhibiting in London, and more recently in galleries throughout the UK.

I have always been fascinated by the human form and the use of light and shade upon it, to enhance the image, giving it excitement and mood. I hope to convey some mystery, even spirituality, in my work as well as the strength and beauty of the body. Caravaggio, Klimt, J W Waterhouse, Alma Tadema as well as Bacon are all artists that I admire and study. Rothko interests me for mood and atmosphere

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