Marie Louise Wrightson studied fine art at duncan of jordanstone school of art in Dundee, gaining a BA and Masters of Fine Art in 2005. Maries Paintings can be found in St andrews Museum, The Stirling smith Museum and Many private collections worldwide. Marie paints from her Summer house Studio which has since become a shrine to the british seaside! Collected over a number of years, numerous seaside novelties make their way into a variety of her paintings. Born in Lincolnshire and now residing in Scotland (for the past 20 years, Marie is inspired by precious childhood memories of visits to the Seaside as a young girl, where she would be spellbound by an array of enticing and mesmerising colourful sweets in shop windows, dazzling sights and sounds to be savoured at amusements and merry-go round rides. Maries Figures enjoy playful novelties and tempting indulgences, she is embraced by the fun and the fantasy, have remained in touch with her childhood spirit. Unique memories are visualised into personality of the female figures within the paintings, the use of still life object being held or surrounding them.

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