Everything You Wanted by Rob Hefferan

Everything You Wanted by Rob Hefferan

Everything You Wanted by Rob Hefferan

Neo Pop is a brand new collection inspired by a number of different genres, all interlinked with Rob’s signature style of figurative realism.   He has taken inspiration from Pop Art, Pulp Fiction, 1950s illustration and urban graffiti art – all genres which have always fascinated and intrigued him.

Each painting contains many layers of detail, colour, form and shapes all working together to create images which are both contemporary in execution but at the same time with classical overtones.

Rob’s varied body of work celebrates the joyous and multifaceted forms that human beings express with limitless imagination and wit. Rob has an innate ability to capture the personality of each of his subjects with honesty, integrity and above all, a sacred appreciation for the unique spirit embodied within us all.

Rob’s heartfelt response to humanity is woven into the very fabric of each outstanding portrait, earning him the reputation of one of the finest contemporary realists of his generation. As life is in a constant state of flux and renewal (particularly into 2021), this universal law is reflected in the changing temper of Rob’s work. Brave, forward thinking and always challenging, Rob experiments with themes, moods and styles to create thought provoking visual statements that inspire us to see beyond our limited and cultural frames of reference.

Whether working with chalk pastels, oils or acrylics, Rob’s ability and innovative flair see him capture life as it is lived. With a sensitive capacity to see beyond our masks and reveal the touching truth of who we really are, is a testament to Rob’s deep insight and creativity. This ability animates and imbues every brushstroke with palpable verve and originality which reaches out from the canvas. Rob embraces our senses in a delightful interplay and this is the hallmark of the truly talented artist!